Oerol 2017


A performance on location by Dadadadan Tenko in cooperation with visual artists Nishiko and Maria Kley

The last eight times Dadadadan Tenko toured the Netherlands the performances were always staged in Dutch theatre halls. But it has been Tenko’s long-cherished desire to bring their music out into the outside world so as to show the eloquence and primal force of Japanese taiko.

TSUKUMOGAMI will be performed during the Oerol Festival 2017 on the island of Terschelling.
Tsukumogami is about one of the largest natural disasters in Japanese history: the seaquake of 11 March 2011. Nearly 20,000 people lost their life and hundreds of thousands were affected by the disaster. Over 2,500 people are still missing.

Tsukumogami is a co-production of musicians and artists from Japan and the Netherlands. Together they give – from their own artistry and in interaction with nature – a powerful performance of great expressiveness.

Daily performance at the Oerol Festival from 9 until 18 June 2017 at 12:30 and 15:45.
For more information, tickets and reservations see www.oerol.nl