Tsukumogami – Voordekunst

For the English speaking donors! The Japanese percussion group Dadadadan Tenko from Osaka will perform a unique musical spectacle at the beach of Terschelling during the Oerol Festival 2017. Tsukumogami is about one of the largest natural disasters in Japanese history: the seaquake of 11 March 2011. Nearly 20,000 people lost their life and hundreds of thousands were affected by the disaster. Over 2,500 people are still missing. Tsukumogami is a co-production of Dadadadan Tenko and artists Nishiko and Maria Kley. Together they give – from their own artistry and in interaction with nature – a powerful performance of great expressivity. Tsukumogami will be performed at the Oerol Festival for the first time. A World Premiere! It is a unique and comprehensive project which is also very costly. You can…
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